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Nisha (owner of Nail Fiesta) is a Malaysian-based nail polish retailer. She's got some amazing deals from time to time which is oh-so-very-awesome! and definitely fits my monthly budget. :D Given that I don't go overboard/overbudget. She's got OPI< China Glaze, Hits Specialita, Color Club, NYX just to name some. So... If you are from Malaysia and haven't heard about Nail Fiesta yet, click on the image above and start drooling on the possible nail polishes that you can get your hands on. Happy Shopping!

Nail Polish Spree - Malaysian Edition

This is another Malaysian blogshop that sells nail polish. Sharon has been selling nail polish since 2009 and she's my go to seller when I can't find the polishes I want from Nail Fiesta. She's an awesome seller and e-mails you on updates after the spree closes or if there are any delays. :D