NOTD : Merry Christmas!! :D

Happy Merry Christmas you guys!! :D

Here's my mani for today!  I did my take on Asami's Holiday Mix And Match snowflakes tutorial. I did this before going to church so apologies on the bad picture. I took it at night. :)

And that's that. For base I used ChG - Dorothy Who? and painted the snowflakes in acrylic paint in white and then added a thick coat of BYS TopCoat. I've got some really awesome BYS nail polishes from my cousin for Christmas! Yay!! Will make a post on that later.. Have a great and joyous Christmas!! Lots of love!! :D

NOTD + 1st Tutorial : Another Branding Mani. :)

Hi guys!

How's it been? Continuing on with me branding my nails, here's one I did of cigarette brands. :) But first, a little process on how I did them. So sorry if it sucks~ :)

These were the tools I used to create the look. Acrylic paints that I got from the art store for $7.30 and a really thin brush for about $1.

To start off, apply a layer of basecoat and then use a base color close to the actual color of the background logo that you have chosen to do your mani on. In this case, I chose ChG in Bermuda Breakaway as the background color because I was doing a Winston Light logo.

Next, using your brush, slowly draw out the letters while referring to the logo that you can easily find on the net. I'll make sure to find one that's big and real easy to refer to.

*crappy pictures here* Now for the logo, outline the shape of the eagle and then fill it up completely. Add on the little details and just try as best as you can replicate the look. I used a light brown color that's almost similar to the eagle color.

Finish of the look with a topcoat and ta-da! you're done! Haha! I know I know, my tutorial is so vague and slightly confusing. (please forgive me..) 

My left hand. The process was pretty much the same as when I did the Winston mani.

And... you're done! I've had this mani on for about a week, time for me to change it up. :D Thanks for stopping by! Until next time~ :D

Random : 101 Followers! :D

Hey guys!!!

I checked in into my blog today and found that I've got 101 Followers! Yay!! Thank you so much you guys! It really means a lot to have someone reading my blog. Although I don't update as often as I want to (esp now that I'm on holiday~) but still! Haha. You guys are truly awesome! Seriously! Hitting this milestone makes me wanna give something back to you. :D I'm gonna hit the stores and get something for a giveaway. It may not be much but I hope you guys would still want it. :) Until then, have a great day ahead! :D I love you guys! And thank you once again.

NOTD : Care for a beer?

Hey guys!!

A close friend of mine had his birthday party last 28th Nov and this is what I did. :D

So what do you think? Cool or not? :D I'm so proud that I could do this. :D Initially I did the Guinness but later changed it to the Tiger just to challenge myself. :) And that's it! My nails are now nekkid at the moment. Had to take them off as they were already chipping off badly. So what do you think I should do next? I'm contemplating between doing my fav. tv shows or some ciggie brands. :) Thanks for stopping by ladies. Have a great day ahead. :D

Cuzzie's NOTD : Single Yellow Star. :D

Hey guys!

I've still got my Kitty mani on so I'm showing you my cousin's nails I did when she came over the other day. :D

It's just a simple nail art design. :) I used ChG Bermuda Breakaway as base and Elianto in Yellow for the stars. I then add one coat of Essence Nail Art Twins in Juliet on the ring finger for some added sparkle. :) Aren't they just adorable? Thanks for viewing guys! Have a nice day ahead. :D

Cuzzie's POTD : Zebra on Pink! :D

Hi guys!

So here I am finally able to blog~ :) Couldn't blog earlier because I didn't have a card reader at hand. Boo me. Anyways, my cousin came over to my house the other day and this is what we did~ :D

This was my first time doing a zebra print nail art and I must say, I loved how it turned out. :D So yay for me for being satisfied with it! I used NYC in Fruit Tingle for base and a really thin nail brush to paint on the zebra print in Elianto Black. And that's it!! I'm waiting on some parcels of nail polishes and I hope they arrive tomorrow. I'm so excited! I can't wait till they are finally in my hands! Have a great day ahead guys! :D

The DUEL : It's Time To Vote!! :D

Hi guys!!

Well~ As you all know, I'm on my holiday right now. Whee~ So the other day I came across a nail art challenge a.k.a The DUEL over at Starving Nail Addict's blog. I've always wanted to join in some nail art challenge and here was my chance! So, Amy (the lovely owner of the said blog I linked above) wanted to incorporate the colour Gold into the challenge. Here are the entries to The DUEL :

Amy from Starving Nail Addict : Gold penguins~

Swaafie from Swaafie : Wonderful Fall~

Jenny from Polishology : Black & Gold marbling~

and here's my entry : Cute Kittens~

Now first and foremost, I'd like to say that this nail art is not originally my own. I based this design according to Emerald Sparkled's Kitten Nail Art here. All I did was change the facial expressions on each kittens. :) Allright, so here's where I need your help. Go on over to Amy's blog post here and comment with a list of your favorite designs. :D It's that simple. But if you'd rather comment and list them out right here on my blog, that's absolutely fine too. :) But if you're torn between 2 designs, then go ahead and clarify which designs are a tie for which place *quoted from Amy*. Voting ends till the end of the week, so that would be on the 21st of November. That's about it ladies! Your votes are highly appreciated. Thank you!

NOTD : Sneakers? :D


It's been awhile since I've posted anything here (well probably about a week or so~) Anyways, I've just only finished my exams yesterday so yay!! Now that's over and done with, I can finally get back to blogging. :D I've always wanted to try out this mani when I saw it at September Lena's The Student's Guide To Nail Polish blog. She does some simple funky nail arts that I'd love to try out now that I've got time on my hands. :) Check her blog out if you haven't, I'm sure you'll be able to find some pretty interesting nail art there. 

So this is it, my take on the sneaker mani. :) I'm sorry for the obvious smudges on my fingers. They don't really look that bad from afar. Haha! :D Instead of leaving the mid section uncrossed, I crossed them all to somehow see if they would look more like sneakers. I'm feeling they look more like corsets but not with the right colors - black & red. Anyhoo~ I used Elianto Blue Splash as base and painted a strip of line with OPI - Fiercely Fiona, Elianto White for the dots and Elianto Black for the crossed lace. :D Right, that's it for now. Have a nice day ahead you guys!

NOTD : Matte Pink + 2-in-1 mani. :D

Hello hello!

Continuing on with my breast cancer awareness mani + depression awareness mani. Yep! A 2-in-1 mani. But before I show you both my hands (you'll understand in awhile). Here is my left hand.

 .this was taken at night. don't you think my desktop bg look cute? hehe.

.these in the morning.

Ain't it pretty? I got this polish from a dear friend of mine, Nisha of NailGalore. She had another colour similar to this so she was so kind to send this over to me. This is Lulu Polish in #460. Yep, it doesn't have a name and the bottle looks so much like Nfu-Ohs' doesn't it? You can get this from any Sasa outlet. It dries off matte which is always great in my book. Yay! :) But the downside is that it stinks! Like crazy-so-full-of-chemicals kind of stink. >.< Bluek! But i'm still gonna wear it altho not as often because of the stink. :) Now that i've explained abit on the polish, here's my full mani. :)

So sorry for the total blurness of the picture, but you get the idea right? I had on OPI - Who The Shrek Are You on my right hand. :) And this is my breast cancer + depresseion awareness mani. The 2-in-1 mani that I was talking about earlier. :D I had this mani on for 2days before I had major chipping on my matte pink hand. So I decided to continue on with my 2-in-1 mani but with more vibrant colours. So I went through my stash and Ta-da!

Neon pink and neon green! Yay! So on my left hand I have on NYC - Fruit Tingle (pink) and on my right is NYC - Jelly (green). Both of these polishes I got from my swap with 'chelle of Cosmetic Cupcake a few months back. :D You could still very well see some VNL here even after I did 3 thin layers of each colour. And umm... yep, i'm currently rocking this mani. My housemates and bf are all now very well immune to my nail polish obsession. They no more asks me questions or raise the occasional eyebrows I get when I change my mani. Hehehe.. Allright! That's it from me ladies! Have a wonderful weekend ahead! xo

Giveaway at Jessying! :D

Hey ladies!

Check this out! See that one gorgeous picture of Ed Pinaud eyeshadow palette in Blue Black above? Yes yes, just that one picture above. :)) Well guess what! It could be your's (or mine if I win *fingers crossed*). Now why don't you head on over to Jessy's blog here : Jessy is having her birthday giveaway full (loads actually) of skincare products and so so much more. :)) Go on, what are you waiting for? :)) Good luck!

NOTD : Eleanor in Pink Gold Shimmer

Hey guys!

Sorry for not having a post out sooner. My exams just started (today actually) and I've been busy trying to study what with having the flu a week before my exams. So today I had my first paper, went pretty well, I manage to answer all questions with 30mins to spare. I have 2more papers with 1week gap between todays paper and the 2nd and 3rd paper. Ahh.. I'm rambling too much nonsense here. Anyways, here's my mani that I've been wearing for the past week. 

.this was taken at night.

.these were taken during the day.

This is a pretty pink with gold shimmer. I'm actually loving this. I tend to like hot pinks more than the usual light pinks. But this I can definitely wear the whole week without wanting to change my mani after just 2-3days. Yay! So as u can see, I wore this pink in conjunction with the breast cancer awareness in mind. I'm way behind but it is still the month of october. :) I'm thinking of wearing a green mani next for depression awareness. I know I know, wayyyy to late. Hehe. And thats about it for now. Thanks for looking. :D

NOTD : Shocking Blue. :D

Hi ladies!

Today's NOTD is from the Max Nails Neon Color pack. Remember my last post on that? Well I did a whole long post on the swatches using the colors in the pack. Anyways, I've been really digging the color blue lately so here it is again with the exception of a topcoat. 

Now as u can see, these dried off to a semi matte look. I did 2coats as opposed to the 3coats I did on my last post. The reason me being such a noob at painting my nails at that time. :D That's it ladies. Here's to a wonderful day ahead. :D

NOTD : Penguins! :D

Hello hello!

The weekend's finally here! Yay! This week was the most intense week ever! I had 2presentations, 3tests and 2report submissions all at 3days straight! Fuh! So glad that that's all over for now. A week of rest before the finals! >.< Anyways! Here is my NOTD or rather NOTW. Saw this at chibinails' tumblr here :) Here's my version! Hehe~

Penguins!! Aren't they cute!! I love them!! Weee! Hehe! That's all ladies! Here's to a great weekend! :D

NOTD : Purple Pink Flame. :D

Hi guys! 

How's everyone doing this fine weekend? Today I've got a pretty cool mani (well I think it's cool). :D


I call it the purple pink flame mani cause the pink kinda looks a bit like flames here don't you think? Hehe.. Anyways, I used the sponge method this time. I just randomly sponge the pink on top of the purple so hence the quite thick layer of pink u see on the pics. :) It was one of the most quick mani I did. So here I used Max Nails Polish in Purple and The face Shop in Hot Pink. That's it guys. I hope your weekend is going well. :D

Nail Fiesta Blog Shop. :D

Hi ladies!

It's saturday night and I'm here listening to my mp3 and doing my usual blog reading. :D I hope to get some reading done later too. I'm currently reading 'The Historian' by Elizabeth Kostova and I must say that this is probably the first time I'm reading on anything historical and not fall asleep. Haha! Anyways, what I really wanted to say here is that I've added another badge to my blog. It's the site where I usually go to besides the official nail polish sites and blog shops that sells international nail polishes. Since I'm still a student and do not have the privilege of owning my own credit card to buy from those international sites, I've since found a blog shop where I can shop for those hard-to-get polishes here in Malaysia. They do accept bank transfers so it's perfect for me. Yay! :D So for those of you who are currently searching for a site to shop here in Malaysia, head on over to Nail Fiesta run by a dear friend of mine via the badge. Just click on the badge and it will take you to the site. :D You will definitely be treated well there as I have been.

"Official Polish Addict" Badge. :D

Hi guys!!

I am officially a polish addict and I love it! Deniz over at Emerald Sparkled has come up with a rad badge that we can put on our blog. There are about 13 badges of different colors that you can choose from. Head on over to her blog now to get yourselves a badge for your blog. :D  I chose the Green colored one because green is my favorite color. OvO Haha! Anyways, as you can see, the badge is now residing on the top right of my blog just above the clock. :D Now doesn't that make you wanna have one too?

NOTD : BYS Cracked Nail Polish. :D

Hi ladies!

Today is such a boring boring sunday. ~_~ Bleh.. Anyways, I was going through my stash when I saw my BYS Cracked nail polish. I've got 2 of these polishes in Black and Red from a swap I did with 'chelle over at Cosmetic Cupcake awhile ago. Here are pictures! :D

 .taken with flash.

 .taken under natural lighting.

Don't they look cool? :D For base I used Catrice : I Scream Peach and of course layered it with a thin layer of BYS Cracked nail polish in Black. Add another layer of TopCoat and mani complete! :D I did one nail at a time so it took me quite awhile to finish. Hehe. Allright! Next time I'll use the BYS Cracked nail polish in Red. Thanks for stopping by! :D

NOTD : Red Splatters. :)

Good morning guys!!

Today I have for you a mani I did a month ago. This isn't an original idea as I've seen this before in other blogs and wanted to try this out as soon as I got a hold of the Konad Plate that had this splat image. I was going to post it soon but had some internet trouble going on. Anyways! I really really love how this turned out! I actually wore this for 2 weeks before changing it. And I have to say that after 2 weeks, it was still pretty with minimal tip wear. I made sure I took really good care of this mani. :D So here they are, debuting after a month. :D

My cuticles look horrible!! Haha! That's about it. I used Sinful Colors in Sugar Sugar as base and konad the splats with my Elianto in White. Weird thing is, the splats turned into a pinkish peachy color after I applied my OPI topcoat. I think it would have stood out more with the white splats but oh well, this is pretty awesome too. :D Thanks for viewing and hope your day will be awesome today!

NOTD : Elianto Blue Splash + Etos' Effect Nails. :)

Hi guys!!

This is an old NOTD I'm showing. Internet has finally been restored!! WOO HOO!! *jumps up and down with excitement!!* :D So here goes, after having on my blue mani, I decided to spice it up and try my Etos Effect Nail polishes that I got from Gwen of Lacquer Cocktail. :) This is going to be a long post full of pictures. Behold~

Mixing it up a little. :)

This is how Etos #01 is layered over. :) Look at the silvery glitter~

This is Etos #22 is over the blue mani. :) Although it looks purply in the bottle but it made my mani have this sort of sea-green colour. Reminds me so much of Zoya Charla. :D

And this is Etos #11 layered. It gives off a purple effect which looks fantastic! This is by far my favorite. :D

That's it!! Will try to experiment on different base colour as well in the near future. I hope you guys like this. :) Thanks for reading on and have a great day u guys!! :D