Crumpet's Nail Tart Challenge: Candy Floss. :)

Good morning!

For today's challenge, I did a cutesy candy floss mani. :) Tee hee!

Aren't they cute? XD Notice the 'annoyed' face on the blue cotton candy on my thumb? He made that face because he was the only one who had a stick. Tee hee! Anyways, for base I used a yellow milky polish by Ulta3 and then painted on the cotton candies using acrylics. Thanks for stopping by! :D

Crumpet's Nail Tarts Challenge: Surfin' USA. :D

Hello hello!

Since I've been missing soo much of the nail challenges on the FB group, I've hopped on the wagon once again for their Summer Challenge. :D Today's challenge was Surfin' USA. I honestly had no clue about it then I Googled it and saw that it's actually a song. :D So here's my Surfin' USA mani.. >v<

Surf boards! :D You like? ^v^ So the 1st picture is what I used as base, The Face Shop in BL601 which is a really light sky blue.. I think the background of when I took the picture makes it looks more blue-er (is that even a proper word? sorry for my terrible English guys). -___- But IRL, it's actually the color as seen on the 2nd and 3rd picture. The surfboards were painted on using acrylics and then for the final touch, I used Essie- Matte About You. Look at that! I love it!! So let me know what you think about it and thank you again for stopping by. :D

Back To School Chalkboard Nails. :)

Hi guys!

So.. I've been neglecting my nails lately.. Just painting on nail polish without any nail arts.. but! I'm trying to get into the hang of doing nail arts again.. so.. I've joined in @dulllikeglitter's #backtoschoolnails contest on instagram. :D For the contest, I went ahead and watched Robin Moses' youtube channel on her Easy Back To School Chalkboard Nail Art 427 for some inspiration. :)

Tada! :D Do you like them? For base I used OPI's Don't Mess With OPI which is as close to a chalkboard color as I can get. The first picture shows the color in 2 coats and no top coat. The color is awesomely awesome! :D Do you have it? I seriously love it! Best green ever! :D Haha! The 2nd picture is the result after watching Robin Moses' tutorial. Seriously!! She is awesome!! Her nail art tutorials are so easy to follow and I love every one of them! :D Ok ok, I'm late for dinner, until next time! I do hope you guys enjoy today's mani. :)

Manchester United & Cute Animals nails

Hi guys!
Sorry for the unexpected hiatus. I won't get too much on it, just the usual workload + crafting + nail swatches. :)
Today I've got some nail sets to show you! Ooh boy, am I excited!! If you've been following me on instagram/twitter then you would have probably seen these. They were made for my cousin's fiancee for their pre-wedding shoot. Kat wanted a Manchester United set as well as some giraffe+piggy nail arts for her nails. Gosh! It took me about 3nights to finally get them done! >.< I have to say the Man United nails were the cause. I had to make the details as accurately as I can, courtesy of the perfectionist in me. But once they were done, I was oh so very proud of myself. :D *beams* Anyways, I managed to just take these before giving it to her. :) I hope you like them!

P/s- I'm thinking of selling some nail arts on my etsy some day but it's still in the planning. What would you guys like to see and wear? All your thoughts on this will be very much appreciated. :D

Summer Challenge & We Heart Nail Art submission: Queen's Diamond Jubilee. :D

Today I have incorporated 2 nail art challenges together. :D The Summer Challenge for today is on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and We Heart Nail Art calls for a french manicure. :)

Polishes used were the same as my last post but just in case, I used Revlon- Red, China Glaze- Bermuda Breakaway, Color Combos-White and acrylic paints, oh! and I added Essie- Shine Of The Times on the diamond. :D Do you guys like this? Thanks for dropping by. :D

NOTD: Summer Challenge- Jubilee Street Party. :D

Wow! I can't believe the Queen's been reigning for 60 years already! O_O So today's NOTD is in honor of her reign. :) I did some searching on Google to help me get some ideas on what to paint.. And here they are! :D I also wanted to make a simple mani so that I won't feel entirely bad to take them off for tomorrows challenge. >.< Okie okie, Here they are~

 I find myself really liking today's mani. :D I can definitely see myself re-creating this mani next time. :) Polishes used were OPI: Ogre The Top Blue, ChG: Bermuda Breakaway (for the flag base), Revlon: Red, Color Combos: White, OPI: Save Me as well as White and Red acrylic paint for the dots and flag. 

Here's a closer look on the awesome-ness of OPI: Save Me. :D I love love love the holo glitter bars!!

Do you like this mani as much I do? I hope so! :D Here are the ladies also participating in Purple Crumpet Fairy Summer Challenge. :)

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Nail Mail & NOTD: Summer Challenge- Swimming Pool. :D

Yay!! I got my Cult Nails polishes in the mail today! :D They recently had the $5 sale going on and I jumped on it! I'm just gonna show bottle shots of the polishes I got, will do swatches of it soon. :) In the mean time, here are the pictures~

'Let Me Fly' didn't have a label. Bummer.. :( But yay for Cult Nails polishes! I've got on my Summer Challenge NOTD now so up next is my interpretation of Swimming Pool. :)

I used 2 coats of ChG: Flyin' High and topped it up with OPI: Pirouette My Whistle. :D Okie.. Nothing creative today. I'm really at a lost on today's mani. >.< See you tomorrow! :D

NOTD: Summer Challenge - Sunshine. :D

Hi! As some of you might know from reading my 2nd last post, I'm on Facebook! So what did I do 1st thing after signing up? Joined in on Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge group of course!! :D Yay! I'm starting the Summer Challenge on the 7th day because I miss the first 6 days.. >.< Oh well.. So, yesterday's challenge was Sunshine and this is what I did~

 these were taken with flash

 and these were taken without flash.

I used the sponging technique on all of my fingers except my ring finger. Polishes used were ChG- Happy Go Lucky and Color Combos- White. Then I drew on the sun with black acrylic paint and a really small brush. :) What do you think of this mani? I personally like the sun! ^_^ Thanks for dropping by! :D

Vanity Trove (Beauty Box) June 2012 *PIC HEAVY*

Hello! Today's post is on my Vanity Trove Beauty Box subscription for the month of June. :) May Mother's Day Vanity Trove was exclusively only for Singaporean residents. :( Oh well, at least we Malaysian's get to have our June Trove before it's actually June. :) This month's trove had some awesome goodies inside! Let's have a look~

This month's Trove suffered a little from the handling & shipping process even though it was wrapped securely with bubble wrap. :( 

Aahh.. the Goodies~ :D The inside of the box smelled divine! I'm guessing it was from the shampoos. 

The front & back look of the little 'envelope' magazine inside. :)

First up! Essentials Damage Care Shampoo in Rich Premier (orange bottle) and Nuanced Airy (pink bottle). Both of them smells absolutely wonderful! They are about 80ml each.

Here we have DirtyWorks Think of England Bath Soak & Go Balmy! Berry Lip Balm. I love me some lip balms as I don't usually wear any lipstick when I'm out so this is just perfect for me! :D

 Here's a closer look on the sample size BB Mineral Cream from Ettusais. The top 3 pictures above shows the pamphlet that came along with the BB Mineral Cream. Aren't those babies in the pamphlet cute!? >.< 

 And then we have the Enavose Essencious Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist with SPF 45. According to the box,  'This advanced invisible sunscreen offers broad-spectrum UVA and UVB SPF 45 protection in a convenient micro-vapourised mist that applies evenly and dries instantly on skin.' The 2nd picture shows a protection cap to avoid any unwanted or accidental spray when in the bag I assume. :) Nice.. As I'm always dumping things in my bag, this is very convenient for me. :)

 Also included is BVLGARI's Omnia Coral EDT. This is definitely a scent I can see myself getting next time. :D It's a floral-fruity EDT of tropical Hibiscus and juicy Pomegranate. 

 TheBodyShop's Shiso Leaf Whitening Cream sampler. 

Act-Q-Patch Odourless Herbal Patch for aching muscle relief.  

Lastly, Erabelle Woven Silk Face Mask (Whitening/Rejuvenating). :) Doesn't the packaging looks gorgeous? I almost didn't want to open it up. :P

And there you have it, June's Vanity Trove. I must say, I'm delighted with what I have in my trove and I hope it will continue to be like that. Thanks for looking loves! xoxo! :D

Facebook! & NOTD: Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle in #20

Good morning lovelies!! So let's talk about Facebook for awhile.. I was on facebook a few years back (my personal one) but have decided to de-activate it early this year because of the constant problems that were arising from my then boyfriend. And all was going great, the problems subsided, there were no more problems regarding facebook. But then, I see all you lovely bloggers having facebook and nail art challengers and swaps and the lots regarding nail polishes going about only in facebook, I got kinda left-out. :( So, I then decided to open up a new facebook account but only for nail related stuffs (and the occasional crafts). Yay! Why didn't I think of this earlier! Anyways, this is to announce that .little green heart. is now on Facebook. I've just set up an account and have no friends there. If you'd like, and have Facebook yourself, please kindly add me up here: .little green heart. facebook page or you can click on the FB badge I add on my sidebar. Thank you! I would love to get to know you more there! :D

On to the NOTD.. I've been on a green polish streak lately. :) Today's post is on Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle in #20. It's a somewhat sea green foil color. I got this from a dear friend of mine when she decided to de-stash some of her polish. :) Application was smooth and dreamy. I didn't have any pooling or dragging issue with this polish, so YAY! Let's get on to the swatches shall we. :)

The top 4 pictures above were taken inside the office and the bottom 2 were taken under sunlight. :) What do you think of this color? Honestly, this color rocks! :D Thanks for dropping by! 

NOTD: MIKO Professional Nail Lacquer in #159

Hey Loves! Today I have on MIKO Professional Nail Lacquer in #159 which is a mossy green frost. This nail lacquer hails from Korea which is a present I got from my Aunt during her last visit there. :) Yay! Don't you just love random kindness? Anyways, I've always steered off frost polishes because of the streaks you get when painting them but I've since fallen in love with them! I did try to paint them very carefully as to not get too much of the streaks and I must say the end product was great. Being as it was a green coloured polish didn't hurt as well. :D

Do you know of any pink frost polish? I'm currently looking for one. :P So if you do, drop me a link below. Thanks for dropping by! Until tomorrow. xoxo!