NOTD : Bubbles? :D

Hey guys!

Todays NOTD was inspired by NailsByRachel's Lil Sis' Rain+Cloud mani. :) I tried doing something similar but with a lighter blue but it kinda ended up looking different than hers. Well I didn't have any stars stones so I just did the white 'clouds' and well after I was done, I realized mine looked more like a bubble bath mani. How can I explain this that doesn't confuse you more? Hmm.. Let's just move on to the pictures and you can decide what it looks like eh? :)

What do you think? I used OPI - What's With The Cattitude? for base and Elianto - White for the bubbles. :D

NOTD : White Ribbons on Silky Purple. :D

Hi guys!

Here I am again posting another post. :) This time it's my NOTD! Yay! I'm really happy of the outcome. This is real simple and it makes me happy whenever I look at them. I got this idea from WahNails Cuuuute bows!.

For base I used Silky Purple by BeautifulYou Nail Polish. I'll try to post the picture of the bottle next. Hehe.. I had the boy do the bows on my right hand. :) Pretty good for his first time. Thanks again for viewing! Thinking of what I can do next. Yay! :D Happy day ladies!

My Take On Orly's Top2Bottom. :D

Hi guys!

So as I've mentioned in my previous previous post, I had acquired a cute little bottle of Orly's Top2Bottom from the ever generous Nisha of I decided to test it out with Wet & Wild in Night Prowl. Before I forget, I won this lovely lovely nail polish from Chris of Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes on her giveaway not to long ago. :D I must say I LOVE this nail polish! Its a black sheer base filled with magenta glitters! It is gorgeous! Definitely worth having! Hehe.. Allright.. Here are pictures :

This is Day 1. I did 1coat of OrlyT2B and 3coats of Night Prowl and another coat of T2B.

Day 2 shows some chipping (ring finger) and tip wear on my right hand. I also had some minor tip wear on my left hand.

Day 3 was allright. No major difference than the day before. :D

And that's just how long I can stand to wait for my mani before changing them. :) All in all, Orly's Top2Bottom is allright for me. I'm actually using it more and more now even though I've acquired OPI's Base & Top Coat just recently. Would I get a full bottle of it? Maybe.. As this is my first Orly Nail Treatment, I'm definitely not complaining. :D Thanks for viewing ladies! Sorry for the very poor picture quality.

MAX Nails Neon Colors Swatches! :D

Hi guys!

Today I've got for you some Neon swatches! YAY! This collection of Neon colors were from Stephs' giveaway stash. :D I had no class today so what better way to do than swatching! Hehehe.. Okie okie, there's loads more stuff you can do but I decided that today I'm finally gonna try those Neons out! So! Check em out! :D

First off, we have Shocking Blue. This blue is on the dark side and is 3coats plus BaseCoat and TopCoat. :) I dont know if you notice but it was pretty streaky even after the 3rd coat was applied.

Next is Screaming Green. Don't you just love the name? Haha! I definitely LOVE this green. Hehe.. I'm so bias. Anyways, this is also 3coats with BaseCoat and TopCoat.

This here is Kicking Pink. This one is definitely one of my favorites after Screaming Green. :) This is also 3coats with BaseCoat and TopCoat.

This is called Smashing Orange. Hmm.. I suddenly thought of the Smashing Pumpkins. :D Anyways, this is only 2coats! Awesome orange I must say. This is also with BaseCoat and TopCoat.

Next is Flasing Yellow. :) This is by far the hardest to apply. This took me 4coats to even things out. You could still see my VNL too. Hehe.. Anyways very very streaky but the end result was pretty sweet. :D

And.. lastly we have Splashing Purple. This is also 3coats with BaseCoat and TopCoat. :) Very very nice and smooth. This has to be my 3rd favorite among the 6 colors.

Oh! I forgot to mention but all these neons dries of semi matte. I added the TopCoat cause I love the look of shiny-ness to it. Hehe.. And that's it ladies! Hope your day was great! :D

NOTD : Iron Butterfly :D

Hi guys!

Here's my 1st ever matte mani! Woot! I finally got my hands on one! This is Orly's Iron Butterfly. It. Is. Awesome! :D I had a little trouble applying them on though. Man do they dry fast! All in all it was such a wonderful experience. Hehehe~ So without further ado..

And yes, for my ring finger I added a coat of Orly's Top2Bottom. Although I think I should have added another layer for it to shine more. :) I receive the little cute bottle of Orly's Top2Bottom from Nisha of as a little thank you gift when I make a review of it. (Yep, that's my next mission) Check out her blog, she's got awesome reviews and swatches. :D Thanks again Nisha! So that's it ladies! Here's to a great day ahead! :D

NOTD : Greens! :D

Hey guys!

I have for you today 2 NOTDs of mine. One was yesterday and 1 is for today. So after trying out Sinful Colors Scandal, I decided to try out Ulta3 Lagoon and NYC Jelly. Yay! 2 beautiful greens that I got from 'chelle. Okie okie, lets see them pictures ey.

This here is Ulta3 in Lagoon. Its like a frosty green. Well that's what I think anyways. :) This is 3coats and applies pretty okie. It was harder for me to apply polish on my right hand using my lefty as I am a righty. So the polish on my righty is actually pretty thick and streaky. Heh..

And this is NYC in Jelly. :D LOVES!! Its the most greenest green that I have. I LUV GREENS! Yay! And just like it's name, it's very jelly. Application was awesome! Just like butter on hot toasted bread. (ooohhh.. I'm hungry..) This is already 4coats and you could still see my VNL. But I seriously don't mind it one bit. I think it looks cool when your VNL is showing. :) But that's just me.. Hehe.

Anyways.. Thanks for taking the time to read thru. Here's to a great day ahead Ladies! Xoxo

NOTD : Sinful Colors Scandal

Good Morning Ladies!

Had on This mani yesterday but only got the chance to blog about it today. I'm using Sinful Colors in Scandal, another great polish from 'chelle. :) I really like how this nail polish applies. It doesn't streak and the brush makes it easier to maneuver the polish on my nail. Heh.. Am I making sense here? Anyways, take a look at it. :)

ahh.. there's still some VNL (visible nail line) showing.. whoopss..

Hehe~ Can u see the scandalous pink shade that I was sporting? This was taken at the 34th Bon Odori 2010 Festival held at Shah Alam. It was awe-some!! Great Japanese Food, Great Japanese Drinks, Great Japanese Dance~ Me Loves.. That's all ladies! Thanks for viewing and have a Great day ahead!!

Awesome Swap + NOTD : OMG! :D

Hey Guys!

Sorry for keeping mum these past few days~ I was down with the fever and am just getting better now. It was terrible! I don't usually get sick but when I do, I'll be bedridden and just cry wanting my mummy with me. :( anyways~ my package came on the day that I got sick. It was a swap from 'chelle of Cosmetic Cupcake I was so excited that I couldn't help but take my mani off that night and try out the nail polishes. :) Let me show u the goodies that 'chelle has included in our swap.

(Clockwise) Postcard of Sydney, Aus, China Glaze - OMG, Ulta3 - Lagoon, Plum Violet, Crazy, NYC - Fruit Tingle, Jelly, Citrus, Sinful Colors - Scandal, Sugar Sugar, BYS Cracked in Black and Red.

And that's it! Isn't it amazing! The China Glaze - OMG wasn't even part of the swap. 'Chelle was so sweet to give me this cos she saw that I had this polish up on my list of wants. :D Thanks so much 'chelle~

So after much dwelling with the occasional headache, I decided to try out the China Glaze - OMG as my first mani from this swap. :) And OMG! It was just so so awesomely holo-ish! That said, this is my first holo nail polish and I get awed pretty easy~ hehe.. So here are pictures of me trying to take the wonderful holo effects with my not-so-great camera phone (sigh~ I seriously need to get a decent camera soon)

Thanks for viewing. How was your week? I hope it was awesome! And oh! Happy weekend Ladies! :D

NOTD : Purples :D

Hey Ladies!

This time it's purples. :D For todays NOTD, I used Max Nails Long Lasting in Purple and topped 3of my fingers with Etos Effect Nails in 005. Here they are :

OOhh! Look at them sparkling~ :D

had the boy take this pic for me~

This took me 2coats. I really like this purple. Don't they look pretty~ Whee~ That's it for today ladies! Thanks for dropping by~ Have a wonderful day ahead. Xoxo

NOTD : Pastel Skittles. :)

Hi guys!

I've just started classes last Thursday~ Oh hectic life begins. :) So making it's debut on class are my Pastel Skittles! :D Tada!

And matching POTD! yay!! Hehe!

Thanks for dropping by Lovelies! Here's to a wonderful day ahead! :D

Weekend NOTD :D

Good Morning Darlings!

Here's my NOTD for the weekend! Catrice's Sold Out Forever! Got this wonderful nail lacquer from the giveaway I won the other day. :) I love love love this color!! I've read so many great reviews of this color online that it really does live up to its name. So here it is!

I know my picture doesn't do justice to the real nail color. :) there's actually a very pretty shimmery tint. This is 3coats and no topcoat. Thanks for viewing!! Here's to a great day ahead!! :D

Eleanor swatches!! :D

Hi girls!

As promised! Here are the rest of the nail polish I got from SASA. :) This is the Eleanor Bluish-Purple Sheer (BPS) (which I named so un-creatively).

Finger 1+2 is a layered 3coats over 2coats of Elianto White.
Finger 3 has 9coats of Eleanor BPS
Finger 4 has 3coats of Eleanor BPS

This is Eleanor Black w/ Silvery Gold Dust Glitter in 3coats.

and that's it!! I really really love the silver & the black glitter nail polish Eleanor offers! although not so much for the Bluish Purple Sheer. It's too sheer for my taste but really great for layering over dull colors. :D Thanks for dropping by guys and have a great day!