Past Birthday Mani. :D

As you may or may not know, I had my 25th birthday last 6th of April. :D Believe it or not, I've never did any special nail art on my nails during my birthday. It was always just a simple one color or just bare nekkid. But this time around, I decided to get in the mood of nail art after seeing nailside's birthday nails. :)

ahhh.. >.< so sorry for the dented mani on the last pic.. Anyways, these were the birthday mani that kinda rocked during my birthday. :D Happy day loves!!

@imichelley's nail art contest mani. :)

@imichelley from Instagram had a nail art contest last week. So being uninspired on the 31-day nail challenge I decided to join in on her nail art contest. :) @imichelley regularly posts about her nails, awesome handmade bracelets and charms and some occasional food pictures. She's also got an etsy store here: iMichelley. So the theme for her nail art contest this time was 'SWEET' and I entered two entries.

 entry #1: initially, i wanted to just submit the one with the stripes but then decided to add some hearts and ribbons and see how it goes. :) I think they look cute, don't you think so? I esp like the ribbon on my ring finger. :)

entry #2: then I decided to draw some sweet treats instead as the one before didn't really convey the 'sweet' theme that I had in mind. >v<

so that's it! what did you think of my 'sweet' nail arts? She's already announced the winner and it was @bedizzle. :D Another awesome nail artist, seriously. :) Have you got Instagram? I would love to follow you guys on Instagram too. You can find me there as @nikitasikawah. Oh! Have you seen the giveaway I'm having at the moment? It's also a nail art contest. Please click on the picture on your right to check it out. :)

Giveaway: A Mother's Day Theme Nail Art Competition. :)

*edit* Contest will end on 13th May and not &th May. Thanks guys! :D

Ok Lovelies!

I've finally decided on a theme for a giveaway I'm gonna host here on my blog. Since the competition is going to be ending in about a month's time and plus my blog is turning 2 by then, I've decided to theme it for the month of May:

Mother's Day!
So here are the rules:
- Only one (1) entry per person.

- Please e-mail me your submission to with the Subject: Mother's Day Theme Nail Art Competition.

- Your design must be on your own nails and must have at least 4 nails in the picture.

- You can use any method and tools to design your nails (i.e. stamping, free-hand, rhinestones, dotting tool etc) but no nail stickers please.

- This competition is open internationally and will end on May 13th, 2012. (It doesn't matter where you are as long as it's still May 7th at your time).

Here's how the judging will be:
Submissions will be judged on creativity of the designs and will be judged by non-participating bloggers as well as myself. All decisions will be final and will be made at the discretion of the judging panel.

And prizes:
- There will be 2 winners! Yay!

- Winner #1 will receive a surprise package worth $20 consisting of nail polishes and what nots from Sasa, Etude House, Elianto, Skin Food and the lots.

- Winner #2 will receive a surprise package worth $10 consisting of nail polishes and such from Sasa, Etude House, Elianto, Skin Food and the lots too.

- Sorry for being vague on the prizes but I haven't had the time to get them yet. I hope you guys would still join in though. :)

Day 22- Inspired by A SONG.

Hi loves!

Today's mani was inspired by the song We Are Young by Fun. :D Yay! I've been listening to this song over and over and over again non-stop for the past 2days. Lol! I'm a tad bit obsessed like that. Although after constantly listening to the song I still can't memorize the lyrics. >.<

.thumb+pinky: Color Combos in black holo glitters, rest of the fingers:Skin Food in blue glitters.

.outlined the background image with white acrylic paint.

 .the finish product. *sorry, didn't take anymore pictures before this*

allright, so the break down on each nail. :) thumb+pinky: name of song+band, index finger: getting higher than the 'Empire State', middle finger: So let’s set the 'world on fire', ring finger: The 'moon' is on my side. :D and that's it! thanks for looking.

Day 21- Inspired by A COLOR

Hello lovelies!

Missed a day on the challenge since my last post. >.< So today my mani is inspired by the color PEACH! It's a simple mani but i love it! Here's my inspiration. :D polka dot shoes in peach. Don't they look cute?! ^v^

Day 20- Water Marbling Nails. :)

Hello Loves!

Ugh.. I can't help but sigh when I saw this challenge. Honest to all, this mani was by far the hardest challenge for me. I think I tried for like days (and I really do mean days) to get this mani down but it wasn't picture worthy. Finally I just decided to take whatever pattern I could and took pictures of it. ~_~ So I would like to say sorry for the failness in this mani. I hope I can someday get this right. :D

Day 19- Galaxies Nails. :)

Good morning!

I actually had this post up last week but something went wrong and the post disappeared. >.< Just my luck. Anyways, I've got a few things to ramble on today, I hope you don't mind. First off, Happy Easter!! Last Friday was a much needed public holiday for me. Work has just been taking a lot of my time now as the deadline is nearing. >.< Fuh!

Other than that, I had my 25th birthday last Friday too! Woot! Ahh.. Sigh.. Another year older, another year wiser (I hope). :) Anyhoo.. I'd like to announce a giveaway (with prizes coming soon as I've yet to decide what they will be). As you can see, I've added the blogoversary on the bottom right of my blog. This little blog of mine will turn two in about a month's time! Oh how time flies. :) I'm thinking of holding a nail art's challenge for the giveaway but have yet to decide on a theme. I will update you guys on the giveaway soon ok. :) So with that, I'd like to show you my Galaxies Mani. :D

Happy day to you lovelies! Be safe and awesome! :D