Day 9: saran wrap

Argh! I missed a few days already! Ahh well.. I've been sick so I'm trying to catch up to the challenge as best as I can. *chayou Nikki!*

Alright, I've decided on a somewhat rasta-feel for this mani. For base I used a black nail polish, then Skin Food #7 Mai Tai, China Glaze Happy Go Lucky then finally China Glaze Four Leaf Clover. It looked awesome in my mind but maybe I should have gone with color blocking the red, yellow and green as base first then saran wrapping the black over it. Meh.. I guess I'll have to try that out next time.. I hope you guys like this! See you tomorrow! :D

Day 8: duochrome, flakie or holo. :)

Day 8 everyone! Yes!! I managed to not skip today's challenge! *pat on the back* alright! So here goes..

Today's challenge made me search my little stash for this one very awesome nail polish, drumroll please... It's A England's ASCALON!! *cheers* You might be wondering what's so special about this polish, well for starters, it's a duochrome as well as.. wait for it.. a holo!! Yes! A duochrome-ish holo!! It's somewhat a gunmetal grey polish with purple flash. The holo aspect in this polish isn't as strong but it's there. It's definitely awesome and I'm glad I got this! I couldn't capture the awesomeness of this polish but head on over to Scrangie's blog via this link here: England Legends Collection Swatches to drool on more holo goodness. :D Enjoy and I'll see you again tomorrow!

Day 7: ombré or skittle. :D

I know I know, Day 7?! What happened to Day 1-6 you might ask? Well, I'm starting this challenge on day 7 as I've missed the dateline for Day 1-6. -__- and will carry this on till February. Confused? I hope not. :D

Anyways, for day 7 on the *new* 31 day nail challenge, we had to create an ombré or skittle mani. I decided I wanted to do the skittle challenge as doing an ombré one takes a longer time to do. Meh.. I'm more into simple mani's nowadays. :)

Colors used from thumb to pinky were The Skin Food Pedicure Vita #7 Mai Tai (Red), OPI Tattoo You Want Candy? (Orange), China Glaze Happy Go Lucky (Yellow), China Glaze Four Leaf Clover (Green) and lastly, China Glaze Flyin' High (Blue). And then of course I had to add something, I did random geometric designs on each nails using Acrylic Paint in Black and White. :D topped it off with topcoat and voila! Although if you look closely, you'll see some bumps, scratches and unevenness on all nails because I did this mani in the wee morning hours and went to sleep right after that. Boo!

I really like how this turned out though. :D have you started on the nail challenge? Drop me a link, I'd love to visit your blog too!

P/s : I've yet to add the inlinkz to this challenge. -___- I'll try to do that for the next post. *fingers crossed*

*new* 31 day nail challenge! :)

Happy New Year!!

I'm baaaacckkk!!! :D I feel like a broken record here but sorry for the lack of updates! 2012 has been a roller coaster year for me, I'm hoping 2013 brings more blogging and happy times! To start off the year, I'm going to attempt to do the new 31 day nail challenge courtesy of Crumpet's Nail Tarts. :D Here is the list if you would like to try it out too. Let me know if you'll be attempting this challenge as well, I would love to see what you've made for the day! See you guys tomorrow!!