Day 18-Half Moon Nails. :)

Another day Loves!

I hope I can keep this blogging streak going. :D It's been awhile since I've done a half moon mani, but instead of doing the traditional round shape I did a triangle one instead. I did this mani last night after work so it was rather rushed and sloppy. I didn't use any additional tool (tape) for the triangle, just the brush from the nail polish bottle alone (hence the uneven lines).

Polishes used were from the OPI Muppets Collection. I got the mini collection that consists of Wocka Wocka, Excuse Moi!, Designer de Better and Warm & Fozzie. For this mani I used Designer de Better as base and topped it with 1 coat of Wocka Wocka!. I'm really loving Designer de Better and Excuse Moi! I might get the full bottle later when I'm doing my polish shopping. :) So that's it for today, see you guys tomorrow. :D

Day 17- Glitter Nails. :)

Good morning Loves!

I'm trying to redeem myself for not posting regularly. :D So I found this glitter topcoat filled with little round and bar glitters at Sasa last weekend and I didn't think much of it until today's challenge... and BAM! it looks awesome! My pictures really don't do the glitters any justice at all. I can actually see the glitters change its color from yellow/orange to a little more green-ish. :D Woah! I did not expect that. LOL! okay okay, so here are pictures.

As you can see on the bottle shot, the color shift were more visible than on the nails or maybe I'm just bad in taking pictures. >.< This was one coat of the glitter topcoat over ChG-High Hopes (I tend to go for this polish lately which is just awesome!) So that's it for today. See you guys tomorrow. :D

Day 16- Tribal Print Nails. :)

Hey Loves!

I have been swamped with work recently and I'm very sorry for not posting regularly. I've got the nails ready but just couldn't find the time to blog about it. -___-" so without further ado, here's my little version of tribal print nails. :D

Polishes used were ChG-High Hopes (Red) , Jordana-LoveBug (Purple), ChG-For Audrey (Blue), Black & White Acrylic Paint for the stripes. :D Thanks for watching Loves!

Day 15- Delicate Print Nails. :)

Morning all! :D

It's FRIDAY!! yay!! Here's Day 15: Delicate Print nails~ I'm really liking this mani. :D I saw this mani at tumblr but couldnt remember which one. >.< Will give credit later. For base, I used Rubi- Strawberry Dreams which is a perfect barbie pink shade that actually dries semi-matte. :) And then drew the lacey designs using white acrylic and a thin brush.

The pink actually looks neon-y like than the pictures above. >.< Anyways, thanks for stopping by. :D

Day 14- Flower Nails. :D

Hey Loves!

Sorry for the lack of consistent posts. Here's my flower mani. :D I actually did this mani in the office during lunch hour. :p I've got some nail polish stash here in my office drawer so this mani was something that I thought of right then.




And these are the polishes and tool I used for this mani (I had to improvise on finding something to draw the flowers with). For base, I used Essie- Splash of Grenadine, a purple polish that has red undertones, for the flowers, China Glaze- Happy Go Lucky and OPI- I Love Mummy which is from the Tattoo Ta-Boo mini Halloween collection. To draw on the flowers I used a paper clip. :) And that's that. Thanks for looking loves. :D

Day 13- Animal Print Nails. :D

Hey lovess!

Sorry for the looong absent. :) Here's Day 13! Did myself and my mummy's nails in Animal Prints. :) I hope you like them. :D




For my mani I used Color Combos in Orange and painted the lines in Acrylic Paint- Black. For my mummy's mani, I used the sponging technique. Polishes used are Color Combos- Orange, ChG- Happy Go Lucky and Essie- Knockout Pout then drew on the lines with Black Acrylic Paint. Yay! Doesn't my mums mani look cute? I hard a hard time taking picture of her nails though, I guess I'm just used to photographing my own nails. :D I also told her that she had to keep that mani for at least a week cause she tends to change her mani when I change mine. >.< Hehe.. Anyways, have a great day loves! See you guys soon! :D