NOTD : Pastel Gradient. :)

Hey guys!!

I'm soo sorry for the lack of updates! Things have been hectic here with school projects and all. ~_~ Anyways, I've recently acquired quite a huge collection of nail polish from a dear friend of mine, Nisha of NailGalore. She sent me her unwanted nail polish and I was happy to help her make use of it. :) Thanks so much Nisha!! Also, remember I said I was gonna do a giveaway? Well, here's just to inform you that I have not forgotten about it. I'll be including a bottle or two polishes that Nisha gave me into the giveaway as I've gotten it already in my nail stash. I hope you guys won't mind. Allrighty then, on to my mani I did last week.

I used 3colors : Pink, Peach & Yellow then added on a layer of silver glitter. Pretty muted for me but I like it! :D Oh! Chinese New Year is just around the corner so that means that I have the week off from school next week. Yay! I probably wont be getting any blogging done though but thanks for coming back to read thru my blog. Really appreciate it. Have an awesome weekend!! :D

NOTD : Zodiacs. :)

Hello Hello! :D

I manage to keep my mani on for a full week before changing it. Yay!! Here's my mani for this week. :D

Im really sorry for the blurry pics~ Took them at night and by morning I had scratches and shrinkage. >.< bleh~ Anyways, for base I used Eleanor in Black with Glittery Gold and just painted the letters and symbol in Yellow Acrylic Paint. If I'm not mistaken, the zodiac names are in Swedish, found it on the net. :) Thanks for stopping by! Oh wait! Did you hear about the 13th zodiac? Ophiuchus? Argh~ Im an Aries an will always be an Aries. I just don't get how they can just add another zodiac. *rant over* :D

NOTD : Monarch Butterfly in Pink. :)


Sorry for the late wishes everyone. :) Here's to a year ahead full of love and happiness~ 

Now on to my mani, I decided to do a monarch butterfly mani after seeing it on tumblr the other day. So I searched a video tutorial and got dottidal's Monarch Butterfly Manicure. The colors she used for her butterfly is amazing! Because I did this in the wee morning hours, I decided to just paint on 1 color for my butterfly~ Oh well.. I'll be sure to experiment with lots of different colors next time I do this mani. :)

For base I used BYS - Get Ink Make It Pink, painted on the black lines and white dots with my acrylic paint set. :) Im really loving this mani, who knew it was so simple to do this. I initially thought it would be difficult. :) Anyways, thanks for stopping by guys! Until next mani~