12 Days of Christmas, 5th Dec : Christmas Candy

Good morning! :)

So far so good! I've been able to keep up with the Christmas challenge, yay! :D without further ado..

Pretty simple right? I used up a good 2 hours to get this done. -___- drawing with my right hand comes naturally (of course, being right handed), but when it came to drawing with my left hand, I think it took me about an hour or so. Ugh, I really need to practice drawing more with my left hand. Ok rant over, polishes used were Cult Nails Mazo and Essie Shine of The Times. I am definitely loving Shine of The Times! I need to get more of this polish soon. 

Alrigrhty, until Dec 7th, thanks for visiting! Oh! Head on over to Nailed it NZ to see more of the Christmas challenge! plus, she's having a massive crazy ass giveaway right now, so yeah, click on the button on the right side of my blog to enter. Good luck! :D

12 Days of Christmas, 3rd Dec : Christmas Wrapping Paper/Presents

Selamat Pagi! (Translates to good morning in Bahasa Melayu) :)

Here's another simple nail art interpreting the Christmas Wrapping Paper/Presents from me. Honestly, I had other ideas for this, but didn't have the right nail polish available, boo.. Nearly gave up but in the end decided to just go ahead and do this. 

Yeap, the design on my right hand is upside down. Haha, anyways I hope you like it. Thanks for visiting. :)

12 Days of Christmas, 1st Dec : Christmas Tree

Good morning,

I know I haven't been keeping up with blogging but I'm going to try my best. :) I have today a simple nail art. Recently while surfing online for some nail art ideas, I came across a 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge. Here is the list: *this list is from Nailed It NZ, From L&P to English tea.. and agirlwithsomeclothes. Thanks ladies! :D* 

I've gotten a friend of mine to join me in this so that I won't bail on it halfway through. >.< and I wanted to make this challenge really simple for me as I've got limited time to do nail arts nowadays. :( So, I told myself to just do the arts without using any nail polish. Think nekkid nails with arts on it. My nekkid nails are a sore sight so I'm gonna say sorry in advance for their ugliness. :p 

Okay okay, on to the first day of the challenge.Ta-daaa

Simple, not so great nail art there. Haha, found the images to the trees on google so yeah, not very original of me. Anyways, I hope I'll be able to finally finish this challenge for the first time. Toodles! Thanks for visiting! :)