Day 12- Stripe Nails. :D

Hey Loves!

Let's looks at my version of Day 12 from the 30day nail challenge. :) I've got this lovely white polish from Color Combos that I bought from Sasa last year. 2 coats was all it needed to make it opaque. Yay!



The lines aren't straight, I know. >.< I used Jordana- Love Bug for the purple lines and ChG- Happy Go Lucky for the yellow ones. And  a thin brush to draw on the lines. :) I hope you guys like it. Thanks for looking. :D See u tomorrow.

Day 11- Polka Dot Nails. :D

Hey all!!

Back to the 30day nail challenge, here's my polka dot mani. :D I'm not entirely satisfied with today's mani tho, I had another design in mind but it didn't turn out well. >.<



Polish used;
ChG- Snow (for base),
OPI- Save Me (from the Nicki Minaj collection <3!)
ChG- Four Leaf Clover (AMAZING green polish!),
ChG- Happy Go Lucky (SUPERB yellow polish),
Essie- Knockout Pout (NEON pink polish!)

Doesn't it look like it's missing 'something'? Hmm.. I won't complain much as the Boy, my Mummy and workmates gave positive compliments about it. :D Happy day ahead loves!

NOTD: Green Flakies! :D

Good morning dear readers!!

I've put the 30-day nail challenge on hold for a little while to show you guys a flakie polish I found at a Sasa store last weekend. :D There were a few other colored flakies but I just grabbed the one that caught my attention. And wouldn't you know, it was the green flakies that called out to me. :) Tee hee.. Anyhoo! The flakie came in a set of 3 nail polishes in the box, which held a black polish, a mini clear (base/top coat polish perhaps) polish and the flakie polish itself. I found the black polish to be very chemically-scented. >.< Which is what you'd get from polishes from China I suppose. I bought them anyways because of the flakie polish. :D Below are pictures I took after 3days of wear and tear. Please excuse the state of the mani, what matters is the polish right? (I hope so.. :p )

green flakies 1

green flakies 2

green flakies 3

green flakies 4

See that little blue flecks at the end photo? *love!!* I must say though, these flakies have a dominant green color to it that shows their blue side only when there is sunlight and flashes (night), and you must really look at them to be able to spot it. I was a tad bit disappointed by it actually, I thought they were gonna shift more vibrantly actually. There are actually some really really small red and blue glitters in the bottle that doesn't really show on the nails (bummer >.<) but overall, i'm happy that I finally got to try out a flakie polish! :D I used to think that flakies are only accessible to them big big states/country and that I have to either swap for it or travel to the west side of Malaysia to even get my hands on them, but to find one at my little hometown is pleasantly surprising. I will be hunting down more of these flakies when I'm out and about next time. :D Happy day guys!! 

Day 10-Gradient Nails. :D

Morning Loves!

Here is my rendition of the gradient mani. :) Sorry, not much words from me today. Happy day ahead! :D

Gradient Nails

Gradient Nails

Day 9- Rainbow Nails!! :D

Happy Valentines Loves!!

How was your valentine? I didn't celebrate valentines today cos the boy is currently outstation. Bummer. :( Anyhoo, here is my mani for today. :)

Rainbow Nails!! :D I saw this cute mani at Beauty Nail Art's page, and thought that it was sooo cute!! soo.. I'm gonna go back to watching 'Valentine's Day' now.. tata and HAPPY VALENTINES!! xoxoxo!!

Day 8- Hello Metallics!! :D

Hi loves!!

I was racking my brains out and searching through my stash for today's nail challenge when I suddenly came across my Essence Metallics polishes. :D I got this through a swap I did with Gwen of Lacquer Cocktail. I think I tried this polish last time but I couldn't get the waves or lines using the magnet that came with the polish and I kinda held off this polish until today! :D So this is 2coats of Essence Metallics: 04 Nothing Else Metals. And I used a fridge magnet after the 2nd coat for about 30seconds. The lines didn't really showed so much here but I'm still happy, at least it shows abit. :) Here's day 8!!

Thanks for stopping by guys! Until tomorrow! :D

Day 7- Various B+W Nail Art mani. :)

Happy weekend!! :D

Here are my B+W nail art mani that I kinda "borrowed" from Hey, Nice Nails B+W Wheel & Elsalonsito's B+W Wheel. If you haven't already joined their tumblr, you should! they have some pretty awesome nail art and tutorials going on. :D

First off, let me say that creating this mani is so much fun! I haven't been inspired lately but browsing through tumblr and pinterest has got me itching to start doing some nail art again. :) I took these pics here 2 days after I've had them, hence the tip wear. In this mani, I used China Glaze: Snow and OPI's Tattoo Ta-Boo black polish and B+W acrylic paint plus a really really thin brush. Until then, happy happy weekend lovess!!

Day 6- Purple tape mani.:)

Hey lovess!

Here is day 6 of the 30day nail challenge. I finally took off the blue mani i had the other day. :) for this challenge i decided to try out nailside's laser mani. It wasn't exactly like hers but I did attempt to try her tutorial out. I think I cut the tape to wide. >.< oh well, i'll be sure to try this mani out again next time. anyhoo~ on to the nails!

In case you noticed, i cut my nails down because i had a hard time typing with my long nails. :) for base, I used Essence: Break Through on all 4 fingers and Etude House in Turquoise on my ring finger then follow through Nailside's Laser mani tutorial. See you guys next time!

NOTD : Little Birds. :D

Hello there~ Here's a post that's not related to the 30day challenge. I've still got the blue nails on now. >.< I can't get over the awesomeness of the blue nails (i know i know, its just a plain mani but the blue of Etude House BL501 is just too pretty to be taken off) LOL! Now i'm just rambling. Anyways~ My aunt came over the other day to get her nails done. She wanted birds on her nails so this is what we came up with. :D

For base, I used Elianto in White and painted the birds with acrylic paints. :) Thanks for stopping by guys! 

Day 5- Blue Blue Blue Nails. :)

Hello hello! :D how are you guys today? Im currently road tripping with the boy around Sabah. We're on our way to Papar which is famous for their beach. :D so because its such a beautiful bright sunny day today plus its day 5 of the 30day, here are my blue mani!

This is a beautiful slightly dark blue from Etude House in BL501. Etude Houses' nail polish are all named in codes which is a bummer, but their websites do name their polishes. Anyways, here's to a lovely day ahead. :)

Day 4- Jelly Sandwiched Nails. :)

Hello lovelies! For day 4 i decided to try out the jelly sandwiched mani. :D here is my green version of the mani.

Nail polish used:
Base- BYS Nail Enamel in Flash Dance
Glitter- Some unnamed korean glitter polish that has green and gold glitters. :3

Day 3- Mellow Yellow. :)

Hi lovelies! Here is Day 3 of the 30day challenge. I didn't do much for this mani except add 2 little black bows with white flowers in the middle of the bow. They're actually stickers I got from my mum awhile back. :) Thanks for looking and have a great day ahead! :D

Nail polish used:
Base- Essence in Mellow Yellow (notice the un-creative title post) >.<
On the thumb & ring fingers- little bow stickers

Day 2- Orange All Around. :)

Day 2! Oh gosh.. i think i got a little carried away with the color orange. :D i remember seeing this mani on tumblr last year and decided to try that mani out using loose orange hexagon glitters just sitting away in my helmer. So what do you guys think about it? Honestly, im really loving it and am wondering wether or not to keep it for more than a day or two. :) happy day ladies!!

Nail polish used:
Base- OPI in Tattoo You Want Candy? from the Tattoo Ta-Boo halloween mini set.