The Face Shop : GR501

Hi guys!

It's a rainy day here but i managed to take a few pictures of my nails before the downpour started. Today is a lazy day for me cos I didn't feel like going out and all. So i decided to do some more swatches of my nail polish collection. First off is a wonderful shimmery green nail polish from The Face Shop. Instead of a name for the nail polish, it only has a code : GR501. I'm in love. This took me 4coats. 3coats is fairly enough but i just couldn't help myself. :D It actually looks a little yellow-ish lime. Haha! I'm not sure if that's grammatically correct. Anyways, the application is awesomely smooth and i had no problems whatsoever.

Let me know what you think about this color and any dupes out there which can be compared with.

Thanks for dropping by! :D