NOTD + 1st Tutorial : Another Branding Mani. :)

Hi guys!

How's it been? Continuing on with me branding my nails, here's one I did of cigarette brands. :) But first, a little process on how I did them. So sorry if it sucks~ :)

These were the tools I used to create the look. Acrylic paints that I got from the art store for $7.30 and a really thin brush for about $1.

To start off, apply a layer of basecoat and then use a base color close to the actual color of the background logo that you have chosen to do your mani on. In this case, I chose ChG in Bermuda Breakaway as the background color because I was doing a Winston Light logo.

Next, using your brush, slowly draw out the letters while referring to the logo that you can easily find on the net. I'll make sure to find one that's big and real easy to refer to.

*crappy pictures here* Now for the logo, outline the shape of the eagle and then fill it up completely. Add on the little details and just try as best as you can replicate the look. I used a light brown color that's almost similar to the eagle color.

Finish of the look with a topcoat and ta-da! you're done! Haha! I know I know, my tutorial is so vague and slightly confusing. (please forgive me..) 

My left hand. The process was pretty much the same as when I did the Winston mani.

And... you're done! I've had this mani on for about a week, time for me to change it up. :D Thanks for stopping by! Until next time~ :D