NOTD: Green Flakies! :D

Good morning dear readers!!

I've put the 30-day nail challenge on hold for a little while to show you guys a flakie polish I found at a Sasa store last weekend. :D There were a few other colored flakies but I just grabbed the one that caught my attention. And wouldn't you know, it was the green flakies that called out to me. :) Tee hee.. Anyhoo! The flakie came in a set of 3 nail polishes in the box, which held a black polish, a mini clear (base/top coat polish perhaps) polish and the flakie polish itself. I found the black polish to be very chemically-scented. >.< Which is what you'd get from polishes from China I suppose. I bought them anyways because of the flakie polish. :D Below are pictures I took after 3days of wear and tear. Please excuse the state of the mani, what matters is the polish right? (I hope so.. :p )

green flakies 1

green flakies 2

green flakies 3

green flakies 4

See that little blue flecks at the end photo? *love!!* I must say though, these flakies have a dominant green color to it that shows their blue side only when there is sunlight and flashes (night), and you must really look at them to be able to spot it. I was a tad bit disappointed by it actually, I thought they were gonna shift more vibrantly actually. There are actually some really really small red and blue glitters in the bottle that doesn't really show on the nails (bummer >.<) but overall, i'm happy that I finally got to try out a flakie polish! :D I used to think that flakies are only accessible to them big big states/country and that I have to either swap for it or travel to the west side of Malaysia to even get my hands on them, but to find one at my little hometown is pleasantly surprising. I will be hunting down more of these flakies when I'm out and about next time. :D Happy day guys!!