elmo-fied. :D

Hey guys! I've still got 2weeks of uni left. Argh! I'll be finishing my Bachelor's then and I'm just so agitated! Soon I'll be moving on to a new environment : the working life! Can't wait to finally earn some moolah to cater to my nail polish obsession. :D Allright, enough ramblings from me. Here's my mani for the week : ELMO!! Elmo is one of my favorite Sesame Street character besides The Cookie Monster. Enjoy~

For base I used Eyeko - Chi Chi Polish and Eleanor - Silver w/ holo glitters and painted Elmo in White, Red, Orange and Black Acrylic Paint. Had a day out with me besties yesterday around KL City. Here's my little teeny haul of Etude Nail Polish. :) Enjoy your Sunday! :D

 (L-R : Glitter Heart topcoat, WH702 (grey with shimmer) & GR608 (lime green creme))