Day 19- Galaxies Nails. :)

Good morning!

I actually had this post up last week but something went wrong and the post disappeared. >.< Just my luck. Anyways, I've got a few things to ramble on today, I hope you don't mind. First off, Happy Easter!! Last Friday was a much needed public holiday for me. Work has just been taking a lot of my time now as the deadline is nearing. >.< Fuh!

Other than that, I had my 25th birthday last Friday too! Woot! Ahh.. Sigh.. Another year older, another year wiser (I hope). :) Anyhoo.. I'd like to announce a giveaway (with prizes coming soon as I've yet to decide what they will be). As you can see, I've added the blogoversary on the bottom right of my blog. This little blog of mine will turn two in about a month's time! Oh how time flies. :) I'm thinking of holding a nail art's challenge for the giveaway but have yet to decide on a theme. I will update you guys on the giveaway soon ok. :) So with that, I'd like to show you my Galaxies Mani. :D

Happy day to you lovelies! Be safe and awesome! :D