NOTD : Eleanor in Pink Gold Shimmer

Hey guys!

Sorry for not having a post out sooner. My exams just started (today actually) and I've been busy trying to study what with having the flu a week before my exams. So today I had my first paper, went pretty well, I manage to answer all questions with 30mins to spare. I have 2more papers with 1week gap between todays paper and the 2nd and 3rd paper. Ahh.. I'm rambling too much nonsense here. Anyways, here's my mani that I've been wearing for the past week. 

.this was taken at night.

.these were taken during the day.

This is a pretty pink with gold shimmer. I'm actually loving this. I tend to like hot pinks more than the usual light pinks. But this I can definitely wear the whole week without wanting to change my mani after just 2-3days. Yay! So as u can see, I wore this pink in conjunction with the breast cancer awareness in mind. I'm way behind but it is still the month of october. :) I'm thinking of wearing a green mani next for depression awareness. I know I know, wayyyy to late. Hehe. And thats about it for now. Thanks for looking. :D