Day 17- Glitter Nails. :)

Good morning Loves!

I'm trying to redeem myself for not posting regularly. :D So I found this glitter topcoat filled with little round and bar glitters at Sasa last weekend and I didn't think much of it until today's challenge... and BAM! it looks awesome! My pictures really don't do the glitters any justice at all. I can actually see the glitters change its color from yellow/orange to a little more green-ish. :D Woah! I did not expect that. LOL! okay okay, so here are pictures.

As you can see on the bottle shot, the color shift were more visible than on the nails or maybe I'm just bad in taking pictures. >.< This was one coat of the glitter topcoat over ChG-High Hopes (I tend to go for this polish lately which is just awesome!) So that's it for today. See you guys tomorrow. :D