NOTD : Greens! :D

Hey guys!

I have for you today 2 NOTDs of mine. One was yesterday and 1 is for today. So after trying out Sinful Colors Scandal, I decided to try out Ulta3 Lagoon and NYC Jelly. Yay! 2 beautiful greens that I got from 'chelle. Okie okie, lets see them pictures ey.

This here is Ulta3 in Lagoon. Its like a frosty green. Well that's what I think anyways. :) This is 3coats and applies pretty okie. It was harder for me to apply polish on my right hand using my lefty as I am a righty. So the polish on my righty is actually pretty thick and streaky. Heh..

And this is NYC in Jelly. :D LOVES!! Its the most greenest green that I have. I LUV GREENS! Yay! And just like it's name, it's very jelly. Application was awesome! Just like butter on hot toasted bread. (ooohhh.. I'm hungry..) This is already 4coats and you could still see my VNL. But I seriously don't mind it one bit. I think it looks cool when your VNL is showing. :) But that's just me.. Hehe.

Anyways.. Thanks for taking the time to read thru. Here's to a great day ahead Ladies! Xoxo