MAX Nails Neon Colors Swatches! :D

Hi guys!

Today I've got for you some Neon swatches! YAY! This collection of Neon colors were from Stephs' giveaway stash. :D I had no class today so what better way to do than swatching! Hehehe.. Okie okie, there's loads more stuff you can do but I decided that today I'm finally gonna try those Neons out! So! Check em out! :D

First off, we have Shocking Blue. This blue is on the dark side and is 3coats plus BaseCoat and TopCoat. :) I dont know if you notice but it was pretty streaky even after the 3rd coat was applied.

Next is Screaming Green. Don't you just love the name? Haha! I definitely LOVE this green. Hehe.. I'm so bias. Anyways, this is also 3coats with BaseCoat and TopCoat.

This here is Kicking Pink. This one is definitely one of my favorites after Screaming Green. :) This is also 3coats with BaseCoat and TopCoat.

This is called Smashing Orange. Hmm.. I suddenly thought of the Smashing Pumpkins. :D Anyways, this is only 2coats! Awesome orange I must say. This is also with BaseCoat and TopCoat.

Next is Flasing Yellow. :) This is by far the hardest to apply. This took me 4coats to even things out. You could still see my VNL too. Hehe.. Anyways very very streaky but the end result was pretty sweet. :D

And.. lastly we have Splashing Purple. This is also 3coats with BaseCoat and TopCoat. :) Very very nice and smooth. This has to be my 3rd favorite among the 6 colors.

Oh! I forgot to mention but all these neons dries of semi matte. I added the TopCoat cause I love the look of shiny-ness to it. Hehe.. And that's it ladies! Hope your day was great! :D