My Take On Orly's Top2Bottom. :D

Hi guys!

So as I've mentioned in my previous previous post, I had acquired a cute little bottle of Orly's Top2Bottom from the ever generous Nisha of I decided to test it out with Wet & Wild in Night Prowl. Before I forget, I won this lovely lovely nail polish from Chris of Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes on her giveaway not to long ago. :D I must say I LOVE this nail polish! Its a black sheer base filled with magenta glitters! It is gorgeous! Definitely worth having! Hehe.. Allright.. Here are pictures :

This is Day 1. I did 1coat of OrlyT2B and 3coats of Night Prowl and another coat of T2B.

Day 2 shows some chipping (ring finger) and tip wear on my right hand. I also had some minor tip wear on my left hand.

Day 3 was allright. No major difference than the day before. :D

And that's just how long I can stand to wait for my mani before changing them. :) All in all, Orly's Top2Bottom is allright for me. I'm actually using it more and more now even though I've acquired OPI's Base & Top Coat just recently. Would I get a full bottle of it? Maybe.. As this is my first Orly Nail Treatment, I'm definitely not complaining. :D Thanks for viewing ladies! Sorry for the very poor picture quality.