Cousin's KOTD & Mum's POTD. :D

Hi you guys!!

My aunt and cousins came over for a visit a few hours ago. :D And guess what! Yep.. I did my cousin's nails and my mum's toenails (long overdue..). I won't go on further cos I'm pretty sleepy right now but still want to blog about it. So I'll just show you guys the pictures. So sorry for the poor lighting. It's already night here and I won't have a chance of taking a better picture of my cousin's nails but I will take a picture of my mum's pedi tomorrow. :) Enjoy!

Cousin's KOTD

The Face Shop PK106 (base), Elianto Twilight Zone (konad) & M3.

Mum's POTD

The Face Shop PK106 (base), Elianto Yellow (line), Cute Pink (dots), OPI WWTC? (swirly lines).

That's it! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! :D