Mini Haul & NOTD : Sparkly Silvery Fingers. :D

Hey guys!

Here's my little mini haul from Sasa. Bought it for $3.50 after a 20% discount. And.. it was on a buy 2 free 1 deal. *loves* :D So here they are, I'm gonna do some NOTDs and POTDs with them soon. I've never heard of the brand before but they consist of lots of glitters in their bin collection. First off is my NOTD of the Silver polish. (they didn't have a name for their polish) :p

(L-R) Bluish-Purple Sheer, Really Silvery Glitter, Black w/ Silvery Gold Dust Glitter

YAY!! I'm loving this color! It looks awesome under the sunlight. This is 3coats and 1TopCoat. Application is oh-so-smooth and I didn't have to do any cleaning after applying this. Mind you, I'm pretty messy when painting my nails. Thanks for viewing! :D