Swap With Gwen From Lacquer Cocktail! + Essie Haul :D

Good evening guys!!

As promised in my last post, here is my swap of awesome nail polishes from Gwen of Lacquer Cocktail. :D Come look see!

Catrice (L-R) : Clay-ton, My Hero, I Scream Peach, Be My Millionaire & London's Weather Forecast.

Etos Effect Nails (L-R) : #11, #22 & #01.

Essence Nail Art Twins : Romeo & Juliet. Essence Color & Go : Just In Case.

Essence Nail Art : Stardust & Designs.

Gwen also included a pack of mini Chupa Chups which me and the boy ate it all to ourselves. :D Aren't they just lovely! Thanks again Gwen for doing this swap with me! I'm really loving all of them!

Essie Resort Collection Mega Mini (L-R) : Playa De Platinum, Turquoise & Caicos, Splash of Grenadine & Lapis of Luxury.

And of course, these are my first Essies with color! (My very first Essie was the Essie Matte About You topcoat) I ordered them a while back after reading awesome reviews of the colors! These are just the minis but will definitely get the full bottles soon! Thanks for viewing and I hope your day is awesome today!! :D