Tagged + NOTD + POTD : Catrice's Be My Millionaire + Essence's Romeo & Juliet. :D

Happy day guys!!

I've got another post coming up after this on my recent swap with Gwen from Lacquer Cocktail. YAY!! Right, now for this post, let me start off with the 4 things tag that I got tagged by Li Lian from shortwidenails. And we're off!! :D

4 Things Tag

4 things in my bag/purse:
- wallet
- calculator
- my lulu belle pink pencil case
- my green file where I keep my notes and uni documents

4 favorite things in my room
- my lappie-top
- my BF's Gundam Wing Zero Model Figure 1/144 scale
- my nail polish collection
- my little library of books

4 things I’ve always wanted to do
- go see mtv world stage
- travel to korea + japan
- get a tattoo behind my right ear
- go scuba diving

4 things I’m currently into
- nail polish!
- paper crafts
- singing out loud to musics
- watching dramas + movies

4 things I bet you didn't know about me
- I'm tired of my routine life
- I get lost in anything related to korean + japanese media
- I'm currently trying to lose weight ~_~
- I am living with my boyfriend

4 songs I can't get out of my head
- hands up - bigbang
- tell me goodbye - bigbang
- remembering sunday - all time low ft. juliet simms
- love the way you lie - eminem

Rules: once tagged you must link the person who tagged you, tag 4 others and let the bloggers know they have been tagged. give 4 answers to each question asked

My tags
- 'chelle from cosmetic cupcake
- gwen from lacquer cocktail
- karenD from frazzle and aniploish
- lena from the student's guide to nail polish

Fuh! that took awhile. :D Now on to my NOTD which is Catrice's Be My Millionaire. I absolutely love love this color! I don't know how to explain the color but to me it looks more like a muted gold+silver? Lol! Told you I'm bad at this. Anyways, this is 2coats but is actually a one coater! Woot! :D So here are pictures~

Day 1

Day 2 : Added a small orange-y rhinestone to each of my accent fingers topped with a thick coat of topcoat. :D But my middle and thumb had dents and scratches on it already. :(

And this here is my POTD using Essence Twins : Romeo + Juliet. They're awesome! I seriously want to get the whole collection now. Romeo is the silver grey-ish base whereas Juliet is the sparkly topcoat. LOVE!! :D

So this turned out to be a really long post~ Haha! But thanks for looking ladies! Happy happy day to you!! :D