Facebook! & NOTD: Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle in #20

Good morning lovelies!! So let's talk about Facebook for awhile.. I was on facebook a few years back (my personal one) but have decided to de-activate it early this year because of the constant problems that were arising from my then boyfriend. And all was going great, the problems subsided, there were no more problems regarding facebook. But then, I see all you lovely bloggers having facebook and nail art challengers and swaps and the lots regarding nail polishes going about only in facebook, I got kinda left-out. :( So, I then decided to open up a new facebook account but only for nail related stuffs (and the occasional crafts). Yay! Why didn't I think of this earlier! Anyways, this is to announce that .little green heart. is now on Facebook. I've just set up an account and have no friends there. If you'd like, and have Facebook yourself, please kindly add me up here: .little green heart. facebook page or you can click on the FB badge I add on my sidebar. Thank you! I would love to get to know you more there! :D

On to the NOTD.. I've been on a green polish streak lately. :) Today's post is on Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle in #20. It's a somewhat sea green foil color. I got this from a dear friend of mine when she decided to de-stash some of her polish. :) Application was smooth and dreamy. I didn't have any pooling or dragging issue with this polish, so YAY! Let's get on to the swatches shall we. :)

The top 4 pictures above were taken inside the office and the bottom 2 were taken under sunlight. :) What do you think of this color? Honestly, this color rocks! :D Thanks for dropping by!