Vanity Trove (Beauty Box) June 2012 *PIC HEAVY*

Hello! Today's post is on my Vanity Trove Beauty Box subscription for the month of June. :) May Mother's Day Vanity Trove was exclusively only for Singaporean residents. :( Oh well, at least we Malaysian's get to have our June Trove before it's actually June. :) This month's trove had some awesome goodies inside! Let's have a look~

This month's Trove suffered a little from the handling & shipping process even though it was wrapped securely with bubble wrap. :( 

Aahh.. the Goodies~ :D The inside of the box smelled divine! I'm guessing it was from the shampoos. 

The front & back look of the little 'envelope' magazine inside. :)

First up! Essentials Damage Care Shampoo in Rich Premier (orange bottle) and Nuanced Airy (pink bottle). Both of them smells absolutely wonderful! They are about 80ml each.

Here we have DirtyWorks Think of England Bath Soak & Go Balmy! Berry Lip Balm. I love me some lip balms as I don't usually wear any lipstick when I'm out so this is just perfect for me! :D

 Here's a closer look on the sample size BB Mineral Cream from Ettusais. The top 3 pictures above shows the pamphlet that came along with the BB Mineral Cream. Aren't those babies in the pamphlet cute!? >.< 

 And then we have the Enavose Essencious Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist with SPF 45. According to the box,  'This advanced invisible sunscreen offers broad-spectrum UVA and UVB SPF 45 protection in a convenient micro-vapourised mist that applies evenly and dries instantly on skin.' The 2nd picture shows a protection cap to avoid any unwanted or accidental spray when in the bag I assume. :) Nice.. As I'm always dumping things in my bag, this is very convenient for me. :)

 Also included is BVLGARI's Omnia Coral EDT. This is definitely a scent I can see myself getting next time. :D It's a floral-fruity EDT of tropical Hibiscus and juicy Pomegranate. 

 TheBodyShop's Shiso Leaf Whitening Cream sampler. 

Act-Q-Patch Odourless Herbal Patch for aching muscle relief.  

Lastly, Erabelle Woven Silk Face Mask (Whitening/Rejuvenating). :) Doesn't the packaging looks gorgeous? I almost didn't want to open it up. :P

And there you have it, June's Vanity Trove. I must say, I'm delighted with what I have in my trove and I hope it will continue to be like that. Thanks for looking loves! xoxo! :D