Vanity Trove (Beauty Box) April 2012. :)

*edit: the price for each trove has been change to MYR$60 due to their current shipping cost.

Hi all! I've got something special to show you guys today. As some of you might not know, I've been searching high and low on the internet on Beauty Box subscriptions in Malaysia. This has been going on for about a year or so after seeing so many Beauty Boxes available only to US and Australian residents. :( (Those we're the days when I wish I was living in the States). So being discouraged, I stopped searching, and then something awesome happened! I accidentally saw a post on Vanity Trove while I was searching for the Nicki Minaj Mini Collection swatches. YAY!!

Vanity Trove is a Singapore based company that brings in a surprise beauty box every month for a fee of SGD$30 or MYR$60. Included inside are beauty products that are mostly of sample size that are worth between SGD$100 - SGD$200. Since this is the only Beauty Box subscription that delivers to Malaysia, I took the chance and plunge myself into the beauty arena. I have to tell you that I'm somewhat of a go-natural girl. I don't use make-up on a daily basis, not even concealers, moisturizers, eye-liner and the lots. O_O The thought of using make-up hasn't really caught up to me yet. That's why I think Vanity Trove can somehow ease my way into it. All-right-y then, on to the pictures! Be warn, this post is definitely pic heavy. :D

 I just love how simple the box is! :) check out the pink handle ribbon

the front and back look of the mini vanity mag included in the box

finally! the goodies! :D

Made in Japan and described from their website as to 'Cover dark circles and puff eyes and this specific shade is designed to brighten your eye area.'

NUXE Paris products. (Clockwise from the top) 
Multi-Usage Dry Oil Golden Shimmer (Face, Body, Hair), 
Hand & Nail Cream (For dry & damaged hands), 
Fondant Body Scrub (w/ almond & orange flower petals, botanical exfoliants), 
Face Cleansing & Make-Up Removing Gel (for dry & sensitive skin)

Style Aromatherapy PRO HairCare with Dead Sea Minerals that helps to revitalize hair growth. I must say, it smells DIVINE! :p

 skin inc (SKINC) Reinforce Caremide Serum is said to solve 'roughness; sensitive or sensitised skin; dryness; eczema.' Taken from their website.

this here is the Braphy Lim Plumper. It's stated as #04 which is an almost nude mauve color with shimmer. What's so interesting about this lip plumper is that it has a small mirror at the back of the bottle and LED light when you push the little button on top of the cap. :D Doesn't it look cool! Definitely handy when in dark places (e.g. in the car at night, in a night club , etc. hehehe). Anyways, there's a little swatch of the color on my hand which is how it looks like IRL. :D

and voucher's for some awesome Singaporean blogshops. :D nice!

Well, that's that. I haven't tried many of the products yet but I'm positively satisfied with them. As this was my first ever beauty box, I'm anxiously waiting for what they have in store for next month! :D Thanks for reading through this post loves! :D

p/s: also, if you would like to give this beauty box a try, click on the picture below. Count it as my invitation to you. Thanks! :D