my month on instagram. :)

YAY!! finally Instagram is on android. :D so what was the first thing I did on Instagram? followed the Photo A Day April challenge of course. Woot!

okie okie, so my photo taking skills aren't that great but I'm hoping to get better! >.< The blank spaces at the beginning and end of the list were the days when I totally spaced out and didn't submit a photo. Photo A Day April's list was from fat mum slim. She has an awesome blog and her pictures are all gorgeous! I hope I can take great pictures like her next time! Lol! So Photo A Day May list is out! Here's the list courtesy of chantelle of fatmumslim blog. :D

So here's to MAY!! See you guys on Instagram. :D

p/s- you can find me on Instagram with the nick: nikitasikawah.